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Is addiction a form of mental illness

"Is addiction a form of mental illness"Is addiction a form of mental illness? Addiction definitely is a form of mental illness, simply because it changes the way the mind behaves, you no longer can defend off various desires so your mind is incapable of making proper decisions, if a persons mind is incapable of making proper decisions it’s definitely been compromise, that would classify it as a mental illness. Addition is cosmic habit force, so therefore you develop a habit and the mind is trapped in a endless circle, the mine doesn’t want anymore of this substance because it’s very harmful to the body, on the other hand the mind craves the substance because it’s become a habit and it’s something that the body wants. So therefore your trapped in a conundrum, it’s definitely a position that you don’t want to put your body in but because life is full of so many obstacles and can at some times be incredibly boring, people like to indulge in different drugs to feel more alive.
I can understand that point of view because I myself have been in a situation like this but not with heavy drugs only with the soft stuff, but a lot of people feel like that isn’t enough so they dabber in heavy narcotics and once they do it affects the mind quickly and once it affects the mind in a extremely negative way through extreme usage, it’s become a mental illness that’s incredibly hard to reverse, it becomes a part of you it’s something that you think about on a daily basis, not only will it change your physical appearance it’ll change your psychological appearance as well, you start to see yourself incredibly differently, your minds is warped and change disfigured almost. This is a hard price to pay to feel alive, I can simulate the effects of various drugs just by pitting my mind in a very positive place, a lot of people are incapable of doing this and therefore turn to drugs that put their mind in this place, the same chemicals that these drugs release can easily be released naturally by you in a safe doses within the mind. Just by concentrating on various positive things and happiness you can bring about a feeling that is stronger than any drug, I’ve experienced this on various occasions and I think I’m starting to become somewhat of a master of it. Mental health resources like mental health systems or a mental-health technician would definitely be required if you want to try to kick the habit that is this deadly addiction.
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