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Why are mental illnesses socially stigmatized

"Why are mental illnesses socially stigmatized"Why are mental illnesses socially stigmatized? Mental illnesses is stigmatized because people think mental illness is a joke, they don’t actually believe in mental illness, but for some reason they believe in a mental hospital but the thought of someone having severe depression or anxiety our bipolar disorder or ADHD is a joke to them. Lot’s of people just don’t take psychology serious therefore they stigmatize every single diagnosis, because of this it actually can cause people that have these illnesses severe stress, and as we all know stress just makes illness much worse, so when you use funny names and hate these people for having a mental illness it only makes the situation worse for them. Lot’s of people don’t understand the complexity of the mind or how powerful the mind actually is, because of this they take lightly of any situation concerning mental health, mental health is incredibly important but today’s society just doesn’t understand that, it’s realistically no surprise because in the beginning of this field of psychology lot’s of people didn’t take it serious.
Psychology is just now getting the respect it deserves in this day and age simply because the majority of celebrities have come out and are admitted that they use therapists and psychologists to get through their problems. It’s amazing that it takes Hollywood to accept something that is so important to everyday life before we as a people accept it, your mental health is the most important thing in your life, without your mind what can you do nothing. Seems like people just don’t understand how much your thoughts affect your everyday life and your body, because of this they go through life being incredibly ignorant to simple solutions to complex situations such as depression, lot’s of people don’t realize that they’re depressed or they could easily be diagnosed with social anxiety, they just think they’re extremely shy. You realistically need to know where you stand as far as your mental health is concerned, and always keep positive people around you so your mental health can remain in good standing, the mental health needs to become something that’s important in the household, until it’s important in the household I don’t think it’s going to get the respect it deserves in our society. Symptoms of depression, suicide prevention and overall behavioral health, are some of the factors that mental illness affects, you need to be aware of this and take care of yourself and stop joking around about something that’s incredibly serious.
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