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Mental disorders in children statistics

"Mental disorders in children statistics"Mental disorders in children statistics. In America the majority of children will at some point have a mental disorder, whether it be a light mental disorder like mild depression or slight anxiety, or clinical depression that becomes so out of hand they require suicide prevention, it’s incredibly difficult to measure or find out exactly which children would develop these disorders. One in five defiantly will contract some sort of mental disorder some of them will be incredibly debilitating, it’s just the way that our American lifestyle is set up, eventually the child will have to face the harsh reality of the world, unfortunately that harsh reality sets in during elementary and middle school. It’s amazing that a child can so easily affect another child’s life in a negative way just because their home life situation is incredibly negative, it’s interesting how one bad seed can easily corrupt those that were necessarily bad to begin with, you must be careful who your child hangs around they can easily be influenced by that person.
Children are incredibly susceptible to mental disorders because their minds are open to a number of different influences, because of this it’s easy for them to be manipulated by those that are a little bit more mentally mature then they are. I’m 100% sure that there is a huge lack of love amongst children, they split up into tiny groups immediately when they start school, this is a huge American type issue that only exists because we truly are not united, either they split up into racial groups or personality groups. Everyone should be together everyone should be mixed into one pot, even though we all come from different backgrounds we should love one another, but it’s very difficult when you come from a household that only promotes being around certain types of people. Because your household is so focused on this you never really get to be around anyone different from yourself, therefore you equate different with enemy because of their beliefs and various other different types of views, childhood is a very difficult thing for a young person. Having horrible parents or people around your household that are incredibly negative also is a major contributing factor to the statistics as well, it’s very difficult to associate with these people and not absorbed their negative behaviors, eventually you find yourself becoming more like them and because of that you hurt and disrespect others.
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