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Is mental illness brain damage

"Is mental illness brain damage"Is mental illness brain damage? A very interesting question, I don’t think so, I believe that brain damage can cause mental instabilities within the mind, but I don’t believe that brain damage is mental illness, mental illness is caused by various number of problems a chemical imbalance, stress and a extreme amount of depression and negativity. That’s not to say that if you get brain damage that it won’t affect the way that you behave, it defiantly will affect your behavior but it’s not a mental illness, it’s brain-damaged there's a difference, but realistically a mental illnesses brought on by extreme lack of positive influence in a person’s life or a chemical imbalance within a person’s mind.
A lot of people think that they have a mental illness it means that their brain has been damaged in some sort of way, they try to equate it to being dropped as a baby or something like that, but realistically it’s nothing like that a mental illness comes from non-physical trauma. A lot of people don’t understand the concept of non-physical trauma affecting a person in such a way, that’s why they tried to say mental illness is brain damage, it’s an easier way to understand the concept of what mental illness is, if it comes from something physical, but in the real world it doesn’t come from physical affects, it comes from other people bringing negativity into your life, our you causally stressing over situations that you have no control over. Brain-damaged is a very serious thing and it can severely affect your motor skills, and various other aspects of your everyday life, but can it cause extreme mental illness, no mental illness is something that lines right up with your everyday social interactions with people, and your confidence within yourself, and the love that you receive in your life. It’s very difficult for people to navigate around these very simple aspects of life, so therefore that level of negativity forms in the mind starts to warp your very personality, severe mental trauma it’s what causes mental illness, not that savior physical traumatic doesn’t contribute, but brain-damaged is in the factor. What brain damage does to the body is a totally different thing that was classified as brain-damaged it has to be in its own category because it affects the body in totally different aspects. Symptoms of depression like mental disorders and overall behavioral health is determined by the positive and negative influences in your life.
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