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The cure for alzheimer's disease

"mental health resources"Through extensive research that has been going on for about 10 to 15 years, scientists have found a way to implant electrodes in the brain that stimulate regeneration and growth of long-term memory without the use of the hippocampus. They have essentially bypassed the hippocampus altogether and are able to stimulate growth naturally within the brain, this means that the Alzheimer’s disease would have no chance of destroying a person’s short term and long-term memory. It’s amazing how far this technology has come in such a short time, the deadline continuously gets moved up. At first it was supposed to come out in 2030 now it has been moved up to 2021 predictions of it being moved up to 2015 or 16 have already come out. Once this technology is on the market we can see the actual effects it will have. We might be able to wipe out Alzheimer’s right now, not to mention pretty much guaranteed that the future generations will not have Alzheimer’s disease.
It definitely is a beautiful time to be alive we have made more discoveries in the past 10 years then we’ve made in the entire human history, technology continues to become more powerful and by 2020 will have the capability to do things in our everyday household that we couldn’t do with an entire factory back in the 1980s. One of the things I was wondering about, is if it’s capable of enhancing the memory process and preserving it, could we theoretically become smarter by implanting these chips in our brains? By having these electrodes in our brains could that mean that it’s possible for us to learn much faster than we already do, we could be able to retain information almost instantaneously making every member of society have photographic memory. By creating a population full of people with photographic memory we would be able to accomplish 10 times more than we already have, by producing a population that is 10 times smarter than it is now, our technology will progress that much faster. Hopefully this research continues to move forward and is released in 2014 that would be great. I would love to try this out and potentially see if it increases the retention of information within my mind. At first people were skeptical about this about 15 to 10 years ago but now at least 80,000 people already have implants in their brains to counteract various diseases like Parkinson’s. This is one of the huge mental health resources that a mental health technician would die to get his hands on because it would solve a huge amount of metal health issues.
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