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How do people get mental disorders

"How do people get mental disorders"How do people get mental disorders? Most mental health resources show that a lot of mental health symptoms like symptoms of depression and various other different types of mental disorders come from a bad upbringing, this has to be one of the number one reasons why people develop a huge amount of mental disorders throughout life. Not being brought up in a positive environment not only affects you early in life but it also can come back and affect you later on in life as well, it’s very difficult to avoid this situation simply because you cant control who your parents are. Lot’s of people have a chemical imbalance, that’s something you’re realistically can’t control unless you use medicine, but a lot of people or the majority develop these problems because of negative influences in their life cause them distress and this stress manifests itself into a mental illness.
If you keep your mind forever in a positive frequency you can avoid bringing these types of illnesses into the lives of the people around you, it’s the best thing you can do for the world is remove some of the negativity and add to the positive energy, it’s something that not many people are doing so therefore you can be proud of yourself because you are one of the few people who add to the positive pool. I always try to remain in a very happy place, by being in this place I’m able to help other people progress and become better in the process, I enjoy being happy because it feels a lot better than being sad and or angered, even though there are a lot of things in my life that I cant control I still don’t let those issues define me our control my emotions. Mental disorders can be very disabling if you allow them to dig deep inside the subconscious, once they get down deep enough they eventually will plant their seeds and take root once inside of your mind, after that it will be very difficult to remove them because they become common thought. I’m mostly concerned about others, but by giving love to others I in turn give love to myself, and that kind of positivity removes stress from my mind and helps me to navigate through the world in a positive mind frame, you owe it to the people around you your children, your wife, your husband, your friends, add to this positive pool that is slowly becoming more and more empty everyday especially in America.
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