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Is mental illness on the rise in america

"Is mental illness on the rise in america"Is mental illness on the rise in america? Mental illness has been on the rise in America for quite some time now, simply because the American way of life is flawed, we focus so much on money and power that we never take the time out to actually focus on happiness or family, we don’t focus on hope or dreams, we kill the dreams of others before they even think about making them a reality. America is a land of opportunity but only if you rise up above all the hate and all the ridicule and self-doubt and negativity that is provided by the majority of the people around, finding positive people to be around you in your circle becomes more difficult every year, rich get richer and the poor get poorer the negativity continuously becomes more powerful, eventually the majority of the negativity will out weight the positivity within the country causing a huge up roar from the lower class.
Americans don’t necessarily like any facet of their life, they especially don’t enjoy their work life, the majority of Americans work at a job that they can’t stand, just to get bye they have to endure this career that they chose just to provide, it’s very unfortunate that our lifestyles had to be dictated by money, every person should be allowed to do what they want in this world without the motivation of money. We definitely have the most advanced society and the most well put together system of democracy, but the greed that exist within this country is beyond that of anywhere else, because of this huge amount of greed the country is tearing itself apart at the seams, there is no trickle-down effect, the money that the rich possess does not trickle down to the poor because they never let the money go, they simply hold onto it in different bank accounts trust funds CDs and other savings accounts. So how can the money trickle down to the poor if it never leaves the hands of the rich, this is a huge contributing factor to the level of mental illness within America, and people still can’t take care of there families in a land thats supposedly full of endless opportunity, a man can feel more week than any other throughout the world. Finding a job in another country is difficult just having a job in another country is succeeding no matter what position he might be in, in this country it’s all about what position you have and how much money it pays and what perks and benefits it comes with. Symptoms of depression and various other mental disorders start to affect your behavioral health and eventually your mind starts sinking In the sea of negativity and doubt.
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