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Is mental illness a disability under the ada

"Is mental illness a disability under the ada"Is mental illness a disability under the ada? Of course it’s categorized under the ADA always has been, simply because mental illness affects the body in a negative way just like physical illness does, a lot of people seem to feel like mental illness isn’t real or isn’t as severe as physical trauma. Lot’s of mental illnesses are considered disabilities because of this, lot’s of people are allowed to get benefits from the government because they have mental disabilities, people with bipolar can easily get on SSI and also people that are schizophrenic as well. There is a wide list of people who can get on government aid simply because they have a severe mental illness, because of this mental illness is considered a disability, it’s ah disability of the mind and depending on which one it is it can be incredibly debilitating. Because of this people can’t really interact with everyday society and are required to be taken care of by the government, it is really severe these people are not allowed to exist in everyday society so therefore they’re committed to a mental institution where they will live for the rest of their days, a lot of people are able to take care of themselves but have assistance come through and check on them from time to time.
Either way it’s evident that a mental illness is considered a disability, for good reason a disability is classified as something that makes you incapable of operating at normal human capacity, and a mental illness definitely can slow you down and put you in a position where you can’t command your motor skills as efficiently as the average person. Lot’s of people try to say that a mental illness shouldn’t be considered a disability and that these people are sucking the resources out of the government’s pocket, and we don’t take care of these people eventually things will get more out of hand, having these people loose on the streets means you have a bunch of irrational mental patients interacting with regular society, eventually that’s going to become some sort of issue probably resulting in murder rape and various other things. Because of this we definitely have to take care of our mentally disabled because the last thing we want is them loose on the streets terrorizing society, they definitely deserve the same rights as everybody else but they require supervision because they’re not able to take care of themselves the way an everyday person is, as a human being we must reach out and make sure these people are okay and give them a helping hand, the mental health system has great mental health resources that are provided by a mental-health technician, with this were capable of helping the mentally ill in a more permanent capacity.
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