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Risk factors for developing borderline personality disorder

"Risk factors for developing borderline personality disorder"Risk factors for developing borderline personality disorder. Extreme trauma in the life of a child is the best-known contributing factor to developing borderline personality disorder, it begins with symptoms of depression, eventually the symptoms turn into clinical depression, once it reaches this level the mental disorder known as borderline personality disorder develops little by little. It is very difficult to reverse such a travesty or an effect on the mind, I’m always concerned about those that go through shamanic situations, later on in life they usually develop some sort of depression or mental disorder, people deal with things in different ways some people are able to deal with it right then and there, some people need to deflect or suppress because they’re not capable of dealing with it. No matter which way a person deals with something if it’s not immediate, and is allowed to drag on eventually it builds up and becomes 10 times stronger than it originally was simply because other factors and stress on top of stress that already exist.
Some people tend to develop another personality to take the brunt of the pain away by forgetting, this is a mental defense. When people take this route they start to develop borderline personality disorder, the new personality is supposed to take the brunt of the pain or in reverse the new personality is supposed to be the dominant one and the old personality absorbs all the pain of the traumatic situation. In various situations it’s a chemical imbalance that causes borderline personality disorder, so therefore it’s not necessarily something that can be controlled, the only thing you can do is wait for science to catch up because there is no medication for personality disorders, the best thing for a person with personality disorders is a psychologist. Were starting to catch up, our technology may be to the point where we can assist a person mentally with science, hopefully one day were able to use biology and robotics to help a person suffering from mental disorders, but as of now were not necessarily super far from it but it’s definitely not available. The only thing we really can do is try to avoid these types of situations in adulthood but most of all shield our children from this type of situation so that it doesn’t affect them later on in life, children are very interesting creatures simply because their mental development is far from done.
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