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What is mental illness in psychology

"What is mental illness in psychology"What is mental illness in psychology. Mental illness is psychology, psychology wouldn’t even exist if there wasn’t such thing as a mental illness, back in the 1800s they didn’t even consider a person with a mental illness actually ill, the family would try to hide the fact that their members have some sort of mental defect because they didn’t understand what mental illness actually was, the field of psychology was introduced simply because there was a need to diagnose this condition. The founders of this field started doing research and looking into the contributing factors to various mental illnesses, the research that they’ve done created the field known as psychology, without the field of psychology those that suffer from various different mental illnesses would never get the proper help and assistance that they need, this field has helped millions of families if not billions of people across the world.
The field of therapy comes from psychology the field is constantly growing right along with medicine as well, the field of psychology an the field of medicine was separated for some time, but eventually people realize that the highest contributing factor to medical defects our physical illness is mental instability or stress. Because of this discovery psychology has gained a large amount of respect amongst those in the medical field, realizing that positivity is the highest contributing factors to a great and healthy life, once they realize this it was very easy for them to introduce new techniques in the field of psychology, I respect the field of psychology simply because it’s a very bold field to get in, you really have to be serious if you want to get involved in this profession there are a lot of skeptics out there. These skeptics are starting to disappear because psychology is becoming widely accepted in Hollywood, because of this a lot of people feel like they needed therapist our they need a psychologist simply because a lot of people that they look up to have a psychologist or therapists, realistically everyone needs someone to talk to but having someone to talk to that’s a professional, is a lot better for us. Mental illness an psychology our symptoms of depression, mental disorders and suicide prevention, these are some examples of various factors that psychology contributes its services to, they call them mental health resources.
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