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Mental illness sociological perspective

"Mental illness sociological perspective"Mental illness sociological perspective. Psychologically speaking mental illness is the largest contributing factor into horrible negative state of mind, stress can put you in incredibly negative psychological state, your outlook on the world will be incredibly warped, a mental health technician would probably see symptoms of depression start to arise, hopefully it doesn’t progress the clinical depression. I’m always very concerned about people because they don’t necessarily take stress seriously, now I know that’s something very interesting, a person taking stress seriously, what exactly does that mean, it means that people doesn’t take happiness seriously it means that people doesn’t take positivity serious.
If people took positivity and happiness seriously they would never stress, they would remove stress from their life altogether, the only thing in this life that we have full and absolute control over are the thoughts in are mine, choose to concentrate on the things that are positive and ignore or remove the things that are negative, don’t fight against negative thoughts because that’ll only make you think more negative just focus on positive thinking. It’s very difficult to go throughout this life and be surrounded by nothing but negative people and then hear that positivity is the thing that you need in your life to make it what you want it to be, you have to change your entire way of thinking at that point simply because your paradigm is program to negativity. It’s very important that you have people around you that respect who you are and respect what you want to do, because their psychological perspective is warped their negativity will start to rub off on you, I’m always concerned about people that surround themselves with those that are not necessarily good for them. I wish everybody in the world was a suitable friend but realistically a lot of people aren’t able to get past things that occurred in life, because of this their basically stuck, not only stuck as far as their mental capacity but stuck as far as age, whatever age they started to behave in a manner that their behavior now is, is the age they will stay forever. These people never grow up mentally if they started on this incredibly negative path at age 16 then there still 16 even though there probably 42 years old, it’s an unfortunate circumstance but these people will never grow up and nor will you if you remain around them.
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