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Is anxiety a form of mental illness

"Is anxiety a form of mental illness"Is anxiety a form of mental illness? Yes of course anxiety is a part of mental illness it definitely is a severe form of mental illness, a lot of people think mental illness is only classified by a chemical imbalance or other mental illness such as schizophrenia or paranoia hysteria, mental disorders such as clinical depression are even minor symptoms of depression are also classified under mental illness anxiety eating disorders and various other mental problems stem from stress and are classified as mental illnesses. It seems like if society is desperately trying to separate these things into different categories, realistically they all belong in the same pot because they all stem from the same circumstances, either they stem from a chemical imbalance our they stem from trauma or negative upbringing.
It’s very difficult to erase this kind of behavior when a person is dealing with lot’s of internal trauma and stress, the person internalizes a lot of the stress that was brought on through out their young adulthood such as rape physical abuse and mental abuse, these types of situations bring on a extreme amount of self doubt lack of confidence and depression. It’s not easy for a person to get over this sort of depression because it’s deep-rooted within their body, they carry it with them on a day-to-day basis it’s something that’s always in the back of their mind 24 hours a day. A mental health technician probably will be required to help this person get through this situation, simply because anxiety is a very powerful thing, it’s an incredibly common mental illness that affects the majority of American society, simply because there’s so many tiny things that you stress about and as life gets more complicated due to technology and growth in industry, there becomes an increasing amount of things to be concerned about. Originally you had to be concerned about small things like did I get that mail but since technology has increased now you have to be concerned about did I get that email or that text message, or that Facebook message, or do I need to check my twitter, there’s so many new things to be concerned about that it literally drives a person crazy. That’s because people obsess over the small details in life and as new apps and new devices come out people’s obsess more and more.
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