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Contributing factors mental disorders

"Contributing factors mental disorders"Contributing factors mental disorders. There are lot’s of contributing factors to mental disorders, behavioral health is very important especially amongst our youth, but mental health issues usually develop at a young age, symptoms of depression can be found as early as five years old. It’s amazing that our society has so many extreme factors of stress built into it, hopefully one day will be able to even out and everyone will be able to have a stress free life, but realistically the number one factor of mental disorders is extreme stress which causes depression, anxiety, and various other disorders. Also a chemical imbalance can be in place as well, if a person has a chemical imbalance they easily can develop many of disorders over time, there isn’t much you can do when it comes to a chemical imbalance, you can get on medication but realistically there is no real solution.
Realistically the most common factor of mental disorders is stress, stress is introduced into your life through the people that you grow up with like your mom, your dad, your brother, our people at your school, no matter which one of these people it is if they’re introducing a certain amount of stress into your life eventually that will manifest itself into some sort of mental disorder. Multiple personality disorder can be attributed to chemical imbalances and horrible childhood trauma, mostly it attributes to childhood trauma, simply because people create different personalities to take some of the burden away from the situations that they dealt with, it’s easier for them to transfer that stress over to another personality instead of dealing with it themselves. It’s very strange that the mind has so many different ways of defending itself, sometimes the way the mind defends itself causes more problems later on in life, I have always been concerned about people that go through extremely stressful situations simply because a lot of them are not able to bounce back. I have been studying a young lady who has a incredibly large array of mental instabilities, she is so insecure with her self that she’s mentally convinced that every person in Hollywood is mimicking and copying her, it’s absolutely extreme paranoia and narcissism. When people get to this extreme it takes a long time for them to bounce back, her life wasn’t necessarily a picture-perfect one but she’s unable to gather her mind and move past it now that she’s in a better place.
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