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Contributing factors bipolar disorder

"Contributing factors bipolar disorder"Contributing factors bipolar disorder. Bipolar disorder can be triggered by a lot of things, it can be a chemical imbalance or it can be a horrible upbringing, in the case of a few people that I know, bipolar disorder was attributed to a horrible childhood and upbringing causing a extreme flux of emotion. It is very difficult to pinpoint the exact thing that causes this disorder but realistically I can openly say that I feel like a negative environment is one of the hugest contributing factors to this disorder getting really out of hand. Those that grow up in an environment where everyone is constantly switching from angry, sad, glad to happy, this can be very confusing for the child especially when these emotions are directed towards them. I’m very concerned about the mental stability of our youth, it seems like our youth is going through a transformation as far as the way they’re being raised, the young of this generation don’t really have much guidance, seems like their parents didn’t necessarily learn anything from their parents so therefore there is no structure there is no guidance there is no anything.
I don’t understand why parents pretty much let their children run wild like animals, they think things like them saying bad words is cute and adorable they just let it happen right in front of them, hopefully we can make a transformation and empower our people to become better parents and better individuals in general. The only thing that can change the bipolar epidemic or the mental disorder epidemic, people coming together and realizing that it takes a village to raise the children, everyone in the neighborhood our in the area should be involved in the upbringing of children, by doing this the child has an extremely large amount of structure because no matter what he does or where he goes there is always some sort of parental supervision. Bipolar is a horrible mental disorder, a person not being able to fully control their emotions is something that is incredibly difficult to be around, these people will turn from happy to sad to angry with you almost in the blink of an eye, I try to be patient with them but at times the negativity really can drag you down, but you just have to remember that their upbringing wasn’t necessarily the best or they have a chemical imbalance or maybe they went through an incredibly dramatic situation and that’s the reason why they posses this disorder. Behavioral health and mental health issues need mental health resources to deal with the problem.
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