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Are mental illnesses overdiagnosed

"Are mental illnesses overdiagnosed"Are mental illnesses overdiagnosed? That really depends on who the doctor is, at the end the day it’s all about who you see, If you see someone that doesn’t necessarily know what they’re doing then of course you will probably get over diagnose, or if you see the person in your in a incredibly depressed state of mind when you run into them most likely they've been over diagnose your condition even though those few days you were just having a really bad case. Realistically it comes down to the professionalism and overall skill of the psychologist or therapist you see, they have to be skilled they have to have been in the industry for quite some time then most likely they would diagnose you spot on, but they’re not necessarily skilled or their incredibly experience most likely they’re getting over diagnosed or under diagnosed in.
It is not necessarily super hard to find a good therapist but you should always ask for recommendations, and the people that you ask for recommendations look at their mental state and take a look at their lives as well, if it seems like things are just barely improving for them and they been seeing this person for about a year now then maybe that’s not the therapist for you. If your friend comes up to you and says he recommends that therapist, and the last time you saw him he was incredibly depressed and had black circles under his eyes, but now he has a brand-new suit on and a Mercedes-Benz then obviously his therapist does a great job. I have to say whoever worked on Metta World Peace is an excellent therapist, obviously he has extreme skill because this guy was a loose cannon and now his name is meta-world peace, that just shows he is a great therapist. Lot’s of people that want to be psychologist realistically have lot’s of mental issues themselves and want to get more in touch with the mind and why they have problems, these people end up either being great therapist or horrible therapist, the best therapist is a person who’s mentally sane but realistically just wants to help other people. These type of therapist are not out to solve their own problems there out to solve yours, suicide prevention behavioral health and mental health resources these are the things that therapist should provide with the utmost accuracy.
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