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How common are mental disorders in the us

"How common are mental disorders in the us"How common are mental disorders in the us. The short answer is incredibly common like super incredibly common, being a mental health technician is a lucrative position, having mental health resources available and depression medicine is also a very lucrative business. It’s something about the American lifestyle that pushes stress to the limit, I don’t necessarily know what it is but it just feels like were not loving and were not caring about other people, the majority of Americans are incredibly unhappy even though we possess a large amount of the world’s wealth it seems like the majority of us have financial issues. Even the Americans that don’t have financial issues have extremely horrible mental health issues, lot’s of people find that surprising because they think wealth equals happiness our realistically when a person is born into wealth, it’s like everyday life for them, wealth cant buy good people, wealth also cannot buy good parents.
That's the most unfortunate thing about wealth, it cant buy good parents and because of that negativity and stress can enter your young rich life, it’s unfortunate that every single level of American society is affected by mental health issues, whether it be anxiety disorder or clinical depression, we as Americans have a high risk for mental disorders. The way this society has been crafted, for some reason there is no empathy it’s so dog eat dog, because of this everybody is consuming everyone’s confidence and bringing an extreme amount of stress into other people’s lives because someone else is bringing stress into their life or has brought stress to their life previously. So basically we just pass the stress on to someone else everything we absorb we dish it out to another person, instead of reaching out to other people and making sure you don’t go through the circumstances that you went through, you bring it right to them and make sure that they feel your pain. This is a huge attack on happiness, the stress of people who are presently lonely an angry because of their circumstances, the stress of their circumstances make them lashed out against other people because they want them to feel the same pain that they feel mentally and physically. This type of reality is horrible, people always say stop bullying and there’s this huge anti-bullying campaign, but really there should be a help bully’s campaign because the bullies are the people who actually need help their the ones who are going through the most their the ones who are hurting the most inside, we need to reach out and find out what’s driving these people to behave this way.
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