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Drug Addiction and Nanotechnology

"mental health resources"Scientists are using nanotechnology as a way to deliver a nano particles or a major drug directly to the gene that’s critical in addition. Apparently they narrowed it down and found that there is a gene specifically that is triggered when a person becomes addicted to a substance, because of this they can deliver drugs directly to that gene and therefore fight addiction, that way people don’t have to get over it through constant talking and therapy, will be able to take a injection and no longer be alcoholics. At least that’s the future of this type of medicine the difference between it being in nano particle than just being a regular pill is the nano particles can directly introduced the drugs to the gene instead of spreading it throughout the body which could be harmful, we might see a generation of people that are no longer addicted to crack cocaine and heroine and various other drugs.
It’s amazing that we’ve come this far in research as far as nanotechnology is concerned, we further have been able to affect mental health and drug delivery because we can directly send nano particles to certain genes or certain blood vessels or certain cells. This process is extremely effective in any field and can benefit any form of drug delivery, there have been various different types of nano particles created, they basically are nano bots because they can interact with the body by remote control, these particles are intelligent so we can deliver medication throughout the body without having to worry about it interfering or interacting with healthy cells. We don’t have to worry about medicine interacting with healthy cells we can deliver proper cancer treatment without destroying the healthy cells in the body, we can just directly attacked the cancer cells. The same thing goes with mental health we can directly attacked the various different chemicals and genes that are triggering this negative feeling throughout the body, we can in turn conquer addiction, conquered habit-forming. The implications are outstanding but to see a generation where there is no addiction would be an amazing thing, no longer would a person have to rely on his own willpower but he also could have some medical help as well. The best thing they can do for you nowadays is detoxify you and hope you don’t use again, imagine if they can just give you a simple injection and it all be over and done with right then and their. This could revolutionize depression medicine, behavioral health and suicide prevention.
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