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Why is mental health important to physical health

"Why is mental health important to physical health"Why is mental health important to physical health? Your mental health directly affects your physical health vice versa, when you go through something in the mind it directly affects the body as well, eventually these two things start to attack one another like a double-edged sword, the mind controls every single facet of the body so when you think in a negative capacity you are telling the body to destroy itself. Over time as the symptoms of depression start to become more noticeable and develop into full on clinical depression, your behavioral health starts to change, once this happens the mind starts to become incredibly negative, once the mind takes on this negative view of itself you start to develop various different diseases and pain throughout the body. Negativity and negative thoughts destroy the body, just like you can heal yourself with positive thoughts you can destroy yourself with negative thoughts, little by little your telling the body to dismantle itself so various diseases get by your defenses and start to manifest.
When these diseases manifest it’s your body giving you a sign that you’re not loving and you’re not caring, it’s giving you a sign that your mind is not in a good place, those that believe in the power of the law of attraction constantly move towards positivity are literally always healthy they rarely ever get sick. This is because disease can not exist in a positive environment, it needs to feed on the negativity so it can grow, it needs to feed on the negativity so that your defenses can fall, we have evolved alongside various viruses since the don of time, as we evolve so do the viruses, they become increasingly more powerful to break down our defenses, having a negative mind frame will break down our own defenses making it a lot easier for these diseased cells to prosper inside of our bodies. It is absolutely imperative that we remain in a positive frequency so that we can fight off these diseases and keep our bodies healthy, despair is the number one negative feeling, there are so many negative feelings in this world but despair is the most powerful, the opposite of despair is hope, we must always have hope because without it there is pretty much no reason to live, we must have faith in a better future and in a better tomorrow. I have hope that one day everyone in this world will be happy, everyone in this world will have exactly what it is that they want, once that is accomplished we can erase hate and negativity and unite the world as one, once the world is united there will be no need for violence and war.
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