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Implant Memories inception is reality

"behavioral health"A team at MIT was able to tap into the areas of the hippocampus that have to do with the mouse is memory, by tapping into it they were able to use optogenetics to stimulate false memories. This has huge implications, it tells me that they’re able to not only erase memories but create them as well, this isn’t all bad but it’s not necessarily all good. If you have post traumatic stress disorder they can target the different neurons that are associated with that memory and pretty much get rid of it, on the other hand they can implant false memories in your mind making you think you’re a government spy or an obedient citizen. Either way this kind of research can lead to a very shocking chain of events, either it can do good things for the world of depression by erasing very traumatic events from a person’s memory or it can cause a person to lose their identity altogether. It realistically just depends on which way they want to go with it, at the end of the day this kind of technology can easily take over the world. If you implant this in the right people and put them in a position of power you essentially have control over the majority of the country.
It’s amazing how deep sciences got involved in something as complex as the brain, by using computers and increasing the power of them every year there able to make more and more calculations, pretty soon the computer will have the same amount of calculating powers as the brain, once that happens it will be able to calculate enough information to give us the ability to create pretty much any cell and any organism including ourselves. That’s scary we are already creating various different organisms in the laboratory from scratch simply because they cracked the genetic code. Eventually they’ll be able to crack our genetic code and start reproducing us, but the thought of implanting a memory in someone’s mind sounds very scientific but when you see it in action and they’re already manipulating various neurons inside of this small creature you can only imagine what it would do to real-life humans. I’m amazed at the advancement in technology and with the introduction of nano bots this type of technology can become even more powerful over time. By combining this with nanotechnology you’ll have even more control over the flow of memory which is a very scary thing. Memories realistically define a person without them a person becomes someone else. I understanding if a person has symptoms of depression or full on clinical depression and various other mental disorders maybe it would be best to erase a lot of those memories but that’s up to them to decide.
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