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Major Depressive Disorder

"mental health systems"/Major depressive disorder. So now were talking about a form of depression that is so, power it can start to make you think in a negative way that is so debilitating to the mind, that you actually start to consider killing yourself. You are so depressed you start to see absolutely no meaning in life what so ever to the point which you feel you shouldn't even live on this Earth, so therefore your mind goes to a place so dark that you feel as if you should take your own life. This situation could get even worse to the point where you don’t see the meaning of other people living so therefore you want to take their lives along with your own, putting you in a position as judge and jury, so now you wanna run up in some school and kill everyone in it including yourself.
This is a serious depression, this is putting the mind in a position of complete shutdown. Feeling like this, as if you have absolutely no will for life whatsoever, no one gives you any attention whatsoever. Or you actually have some sort of chemical imbalance within yourself this caused you to be incredibly negative towards others. Or you just had no friends and your parents realistically showed you no attention whatsoever you have no important people in your life such as a good teacher, or counselor so therefore there really is no meaning in life for you and you feel no joy in your day to day activities. So you just dwell on every single thing that’s wrong with your life 24 hours a day until you gets to the point where you can’t take anymore, so you seem to feel that taking your life is the best decision. This is the place that you never want to be, you always want to think beyond positive, negative thoughts should never enter the mind the best way to attract someone to you is to think positive, by having positive thoughts you attract positive people to you, by having negative thoughts you attract negative attention and negative circumstances to yourself try this out for awhile and see if it works, don’t give it a month don’t give it two months give it a year and then after that year take a look at your life, if many things change you know what’s to blame or should I say thank. We need a mental health technician to tackle mental disorders and suicide prevention For more information on the topic please Click Here!
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