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Who Has It Worse You Or Me?

"symptoms of depression"Who has it worse you our me, that’s a question that you need to ask yourself when you’re thinking about your situation as far as life is concerned. You may think you have the worst life in the universe but somewhere out there is a person who has had a equally as bad or worse experience with life. Because of this you can imagine the different implications that can be involved in this equation, a person most likely has been through 10 times more than what you have and for some reason has climbed to the top even though you remained at the bottom of the barrel. It’s the perseverance and the willpower built into that person’s mind and spirit that keeps them above water, because of this there able to continue to work no matter what happens. That type of willpower is not found easily it comes from deep within the mind and deep within the heart. If you have a connection with your heart and mind and your sole then you’ll never be wooded deep enough to stop.
You will find the passion that I describe above to get past a stressful situation no matter how detrimental to your character no matter how frightening no matter how serious the situation might be. People have risen from worse circumstances, remember this is the future so therefore just the fact that we have the resources that we have right now makes it so that the previous generation defiantly went through more than we have. Imagine being in a poor family in 1939 that family would have been 10 times more poorer than your family is right now because poor was considered a different thing back then. Nowadays if you make $2000 a month your not necessarily a middle-class citizen, back in the day if you made $2000 a month you were a upper-class citizen It was a good salary. The definition of poor back then was totally different than what it is now, in the technical resources were incredibly limited. No matter what you do in life where you’re born in life you will have some sort of obstacles in your way no person is without them. Even if you’re born with a silver spoon in your mouth the person who provides a silver spoon for you might be the most horrible vindictive man in the world. Lot’s of people don’t have access to mental-health technicians mental health resources or depression medicine, if you have access to any of these things you’re definitely in a better position than most, remember there is always someone who’s worse off than you.
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