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Live Happy Or Live Depressed?

"suicide prevention"Yes everyone has to admit that money is a huge part of being happy or being depressed. It’s not necessarily about being rich or poor it’s about having the necessary things to survive, the last thing you need to be stressing about his coming up with payments for things as simple as rent. The best thing for you to do with your life is focus on situations in which you had fun instead of focusing on situations in which you didn’t, most likely relating to lack of income. Lack of income is one of the number-one issues in the majority of everyone’s life It’s no secret. But if you continuously focus on your lack of income, you in turn only bring more situations in which your lack of income will affect you in a negative way.
I’ve been knocked down 1000 times less literally penniless yet for some reason I get back up, maybe just instinct that I have or maybe money is just a mindset. And when you fall out of sync with that mindset things become a lot more difficult for you. I like to always focus on situations in which I had a great time and enjoyed the income that I was bringing in, by looking back on these situations and feeling grateful for them I in turn bring more situations like that into my life. Now if you don’t have a situation like that to look back on, look at someone else’s situation and imagine having their life let that be something that you bring into your meditation, living the $15,000 a month lifestyle or living the $5000. Living these kind of life cells can be very enjoyable for you, leaving a $5000 mutt myself is pretty lucrative especially if you keep your costs low. But how can you get to a $5000 a month lifestyle? Simply by focusing on and reciting to yourself I want to make $5000 a month by the end of this year. By throwing something like that out into the universe and constantly throwing it out every day eventually it will manifest itself into reality. Now you have a choice live happy our lift the press, clinical depression is directly related to behavioral health which is directly affected by depression which is a huge mental health issue that’s usually brought on by lack of income or unfortunate circumstances.
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