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Mental Disorders

"behavioral health"/ Let’s try OCD on for size. First think about OCD obsessive-compulsive disorder. A disorder that makes the mind pretty much repeat redo things over and over again, a disease that plagues the mind and puts you in a situation in which you always second-guess yourself, a disease that's pretty much unbeatable without some sort of help because it can get severely worse and worse over the years if not kept in check. Now when you’re talking about obsessive-compulsive disorder, were talking about people that have to lock their doors about 10 to 12 times before they actually feel as if they’ve locked their doors, were talking about a person who has to wash their hands at least 20 times when they go to the bathroom, were talking about a person who has to switch the bar of soap that they use each time that they wash their hands. When you speak of OCD you speck of a incredibly debilitating disease that can ruin the relationship between you and your family, you and your spouse, or even just your every day activities. You’re not necessarily able to go out into the world because you’re pretty much scared of everything in it. Imagine your life being completely controlled by something completely out of your control. It’s a utterly horrifying experience, you want to be a normal person, you want to go throughout life and do normal things, interact with people without them having to see you doing things that are out of the normal and making fun of you for them. It’s unfortunate that you cant even help yourself. Now this is a true mental disorder, this is a true mental illness, this is something that actually affects a person’s life and puts them in a position in which they don’t even have control over their bodily functions, or their mind, this is something that can hold a person back from achieving their ultimate goal. Even these people jump over hurdles like this with no problem so how is it that someone with a simple case of depression cant kick it when someone with OCD, and not just regular OCD. I mean if people with extreme obsessive-compulsive disorder can get over there hurdles and their downfalls and fly to the top of society, but those who suffer from simple cases of anxiety and depression and so forth can’t even deal with those minor issues, it just requires them to think positive. Suicide prevention, mental health technician and the mental health systems might be a great resource for you. For more information on this topic please Click Here!
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