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Mental Illness

"suicide prevention"Sounds like you got instability within your mind causing you work against yourself. What possibly would you call this instability so to say, what huge title can we give this  debilitating disease. How about we call it a mental illness. A mental illness a.k.a. illness of the mind imagine not being able to control the simplest of functions within your mind. Imagine being in a position in which you watch your life happen for you but have no control over the outcome or the decisions that you make. Imagine taken a backseat to life as your body decides what it wants to do without you being able to control it. This is a true mental illness and my perception. People would borderline personality disorders, people that are producing multiple chemicals in the brain in a increasing rate causing them to behave in radical ways. People that literally have no control over their actions due to the fact that they’re producing a increased amount of a chemicals that causes them to be frantic and makes the body react to things in a uncommon way.
I don’t however consider something like depression a mental illness, a person that is depressed has full control over their actions and what they do. A person that has depression can easily switch off the negative thoughts within their mind spinning them in the position of depression in the first place. A person that suffers from extreme stress can simply remove themselves from that situation causing the depression to subside. So therefore its not what I would consider a true mental illness, a true mental illness is a person with autism or something extreme that they can’t control something that is chemical, something that requires medication, and I know what you’re saying well depression has medications as well, but you can kick depression without medication you can kick stress and anxiety without medication on the other hand you can’t necessarily kick multiple personality disorder without medication or some sort of help you cant kick borderline schizophrenia without some sort of medication or some sort of help you cant kick anything that ells the mind because of a chemical imbalance without some sort of medication or help. So anything that you can pretty much solved by taking back your own mind, or removing yourself from stressful environments is not what I would necessarily consider a mental illness it doesn’t necessarily qualify for the book of mental illnesses that I would write. Depression medicine for mental disorders and behavioral health are available but one should look to himself for the answer. If you would like more information on this topic please Click Here!
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